Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Direct Drive Gauges Wika New Direct Drive Process Gauge & Direct Drive Test Gauge

Direct Drive Technology: “Battle Proven” Performance in a Process Gauge

The military has used direct drive gauges on aircrafts, tanks and submarines since the 1960s for one simple reason: they are extremely resistant to shock, vibration and pulsation. Direct drive gauges have been known to survive direct missile strikes when placed within the hulls of battleships during military testing. Over time, direct drive gauges have proven themselves in numerous mission critical applications like jet fighter struts, tank gun turrets and submarine ballast tanks. Imagine having this same “battle proven” performance in a process gauge for your mission critical applications!

At the technological heart of the WIKA Direct Drive process gauge is our exclusive Bourdon tube made of Inconel® X-750 alloy. Compatible with most media types, this super-alloy is highly resistant to temperature extremes and has excellent oxidation and corrosion properties. Every WIKA Bourdon tube is meticulously handmade and then stress relieved in our proprietary heat treatment chambers. To provide superior strength and performance in the most aggressive environments and temperature extremes, all wetted parts on the WIKA Direct Drive process gauge are nickel-brazed.

  • Medical-grade pointer shaft that rotates on a jeweled sapphire bearing that eliminates pointer friction
  • External adjustment screw to re-zero the pointer n Porous filter to protect the pressure inlet from clogging
  • Thermoplastic case for extreme temperatures
  • Shatterproof polycarbonate window
  • 150% overpressure protection without any loss of calibration
  • Solid-front, blow out back safety case design to meet industry safety requirements
WIKA Direct Drive gauges are manufactured in the United States and come with a full 6-year warranty that beats the competitors’ warranties 6 to 1.

Technical Specifications Overview

Wika Direct Drive Process Gauge: Model 232.34DD
The WIKA Direct Drive process gauge comes with a process industry standard ASME B40.100 Grade 2A (+/-0.5% of span) accuracy; a silicone dampened Bourdon tube to eliminate pointer flutter in severe vibration and pulsation applications; an adjustable process gauge pointer for recalibration; and a yellow case to signify to workers that this gauge is used for the tough applications.

Wika Model 232.34DD Datasheet

Wika Direct Drive Test Gauge: Model 332.34DD
The WIKA Direct Drive test gauge has a calibration industry standard ASME B40.100 Grade 3A (+/-0.25% of span) accuracy; a knife-edge adjustable pointer for precise pressure readings; a mirror band dial to remove reading error; a calibration certificate traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST); and standard black case.

Wika Model 332.34DD Datasheet

Advantages of the WIKA Direct Drive gauge over conventional gauges include:

  • Very long service life n Excellent for problem applications that contain shock, vibration or pulsation
  • Contains only one moving part
  1. No gears, linkages or springs to wear or break
  2. No loss of accuracy
  3. No recalibration required

WIKA Direct Drive gauges are great solutions for these problem applications:
  • Environments that contain continual shock and vibration
  • Processes that have problems with pressure surges and spikes
  • Pressure systems that have high cyclic rates
  • Installations with temperature extremes
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