Wednesday, May 20, 2015

DSO Valve Stems | Choosing The Right Brand Makes A Difference

Not all valve stems are the same, a commodity that can be chosen on price alone. Nothing could be further from the truth. Product failures not only cost money but most importantly valuable production time. DSO™ makes long lasting, quality products that will save both time and money in the long run. Below are some of the key POD's that make of the DSO™ Difference:
  • DSO™ bonds the rubber to a 316L SS head. This prevents the rubber from delaminating from the core and possibly ending up in the product stream in addition to proving longer life. Most competitors simply mold over the core without a bonding agent.
  • DSO™ stems have a fully machined shaft unlike the competition who use a rough cut. This provides a better fit as well as lessening the chances for contamination from trapped particles.
  • DSO™ rubber molds are all chamfered providing super fit and function while competitors eliminate that additional manufacturing step to save costs. Their product has a decidedly unfinished appearance.
  • All DSO™ shafts are checked for straightness and concentricity before shipping. We have seen plenty of competitor product that cannot say that. Out of round or bent shafts do not have a good life expectancy or good performance.
  •  DSO™ only uses 3A-1803 Certified rubber. DSO™ is listed on the 3A website as an approved supplier, some competitors are not. That is a potentially huge advantage.
  •  DSO™ rubber is typically 90 to 95 durometer which is harder than the typical 85-90 rating of the competitors. Harder rubber provides a longer life, decreasing maintenance time, and saving money.

Despite providing a product made to a higher level of quality DSO™ remains very cost competitive. Add in the longer life expectancy of the products from a more complete manufacturing process and customers will save money. DSO™ provides sample products allowing customers to see and feel the difference.

Find DSO™ valve stems and other related parts at Forberg Scientific's website.