Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Topworx Go Switch Submersible Switch

Emerson Process Managements GO™ Switch Submersible Solutions.

All TopWorx Go Switch models offer
higher reliability with increase safety
and lower installation cost.
Subsea GO™ Switches are used in ocean, lakes, rivers and waste water facilities. 

  • Provide a reliable seal against water intrusion. 
  • Superior protection against water containing heavy sediments and salt content. 
  • Wet-pluggable connectors allow for easy installation. 

Submersible GO Switches are designed for pools, fountains, reservoirs and water processing facilities.

  • Cost effective solution for clean water applications. 
  • Completely sealed enclosure suitable for continual submergence. 
  • Trouble-free position sensing in underwater applications 

All GO Switch models are engineered to meet tough applications while offering high reliability and installation flexibility. These rugged, dependable, and affordable models are designed to operate in the following process industries with increased safety and lower installation cost: 

  • Municipal and Waste Water 
  • Power 
  • Locks & Dams 
  • Ships & Vessels 
  • Drawbridges 
  • Off-Shore Applications 

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Parker Veriflo ChangeOver System

ChangeOver System
Continuous Gas Management

Customer Value Proposition:

The ChangeOver System is a compact turnkey module that assists the operator with their total gas management. The COSE maintains a continuous gas delivery from two separate sources allowing for maximum cylinder gas usage from one source before automatically switching to the second source. The COSE lowers speciality gas costs by maximizing the consumption of gas from each cylinder. In addition, the gas cylinder bank(s) can be monitored remotely utilizing the optional pressure switches reducing the need for visual inspection by the operator.

Product Features:
• Fully enclosed to protect internal components
• Removable side panels for field maintenance
• Allows change out of depleted cylinder(s) while maintaining gas flow
• Especially suited for continuous on-stream analyzers
• Alarm sensor port for systems integration allowing user to monitor gas consumption
• Cleaned for Oxygen service
• Regulator design integrates positive upward and downward stops which increases cycle life by preventing over stroking of the diaphragm

Parker Veriflo ChangeOver System Applications

Specialty Gases
All Specialty Gases used for Process and Purging Applications


  • Refineries
  • Test Cells
  • Emission Analysis
  • Laboratories
  • Laser Gas Systems
  • Research and Development
  • Gas and Liquid Chromatography
  • High Volume Gas Manufacturing Facilities

If you would like to receive more information, pricing and availability on the Parker Veriflo ChangeOver System or other Parker Veriflo products please contact Forberg Scientific customer service.
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