Monday, August 13, 2012

Michigan & Ohio Instrumentation Calibration Services

Forberg Scientific forms  Michigan & Ohio Service Division August 2011

Forberg Scientific began service operations on August 1st, 2011 for Endress+Hauser in the Michigan and Northern Ohio Markets.  Forberg Scientific has been performing services for various customers since the company was founded in 1971 by Charlie Forberg.  The services originally were related to the Parker Instrumentation product line, and like many service offerings, grew with customer requirements. 
Forberg Scientific manufactures pneumatic sample panels, to meet the customer’s needs, for new projects or upgrades of older equipment, supporting our Mechanical Automation Specialists.  In 2001 Forberg Scientific’s ownership changed, to the present management team of Carl Derian, Todd Meyers, and Jeff Sweeney.  Their vision grew Forberg Scientific into the Instrumentation Representation Sales Market in 2005 with the addition of Endress+Hauser for Northern Ohio.  This was shortly followed with the addition of Endress+Hauser’s Michigan operation, Sterling IPC in July of 2006.
Endress+Hauser’s vision of service has helped to facilitate the growth of Forberg Scientific’s Service group through local service providers in Michigan and Ohio.   In 2011 Forberg Scientific meet with Endress+Hauser to map out the growth of services in Michigan and Ohio for the regional territory supported by ForbergScientific.  It was determined that the market would be supported best by Forberg Scientific Integrating a Service Offering into our company.  In August of 2011 this effort was formally announced and Forberg Scientific’ appointment as the Authorized Service Provider for Endress+Hauser.  Forberg Scientific immediately began servicing Endress+Hauser customers in Northern Ohio and Michigan. 
To meet the global service requirements of Endress+Hauser’s ISO 17025 services, Forberg’s Service staff has been through several training classes offered by Endress+Hauser’s Service Group.  The completion of the Core Service Competencies required for Calibration Services was achieved in November of 2011.  In December of 2011 Endress+Hauser delivered a Calibration Trailer to the Troy, Michigan Office, with NIST Traceable Calibration Tools for Pressure, Temperature and Flow products.  This calibration trailer is intended to offer local companies a local resource for site calibration of their most frequently used instrumentation.  The instrumentation calibration services are offered for all manufacturers of Pressure, Temperature and Flow products.   This is not exclusive for Endress+Hauser Instrumentation.
Forberg Scientific and Endress+Hauser also offer calibration service for the Level and Analytical products offer by Endress+Hauser, and Forberg Scientific's other manufacturer's they represent for Michigan and Ohio. Forberg Scientific's Service Group is expanding and looking at new markets to help broaden the services offered to our customers.

If you have any questions our Services or Pricing please call Forberg Scientific Service Group at 248-288-5990. You can also contact Endress+Hauser at 800-642-8737.