Friday, September 16, 2011

Commercial Roof and Gutter De-Icing Nelson Heat Trace

For commercial grade protection against ice dam formation on roofs, gutters and downspouts, look to our selection of cut-to-length, and pre-terminated heating cables. Nelson Heat Trace offer a wide range of choices in terms of voltage, power and construction, including mineral insulated cables that provide exceptional protection of the heating element. Solutions are available for corrosive and hazardous locations, along with all the accessories you need for a simple installation and the controls your customers need to operate the system easily and reliably.

SMMC‐3 Control Panel. This three‐zone control panel allows each snow melting zone to be controlled independently or on a priority mode basis.

SS‐1 Automatic Snow/Ice Melting Controller. This controller senses both moisture and temperature, automatically energizing the heating cable only when snow or ice conditions exist

SLT‐D Downspout Hanger. For use with all versions of Nelson’s SLT and CLT‐JT heating cables. This kit contains material for five complete downspout hangers

SLT‐C Universal Roof Clips. Are for use with all versions of Nelson’s SLT and CLT‐JT heating cables.

SLT‐RC Roof Clips. Are designed to fasten heating cable to most types of roof and gutter materials.

AT-50 Aluminum Foil Tape- may be used to secure the heater cable to the bottom of the gutter. Each roll of tape will accommodate 46M (150’) of gutter. Gutter must be clean for foil tape to adhere properly.

Description SLT Heating Cable:
Nelson Type SLT heating cable is a parallel circuit, self-regulating electric heater. An irradiated crosslinked conductive polymer core is extruded over two multi-stranded, tin-plated, 16-gauge copper buswires. The conductive core material increases or decreases its heat output in response to temperature changes. Three jackets provide extra dielectric strength, moisture resistance, protection from impact or abrasion damage, and flame retardancy. The inner thermoplastic jacket is extruded over and bonded to the core material to prevent moisture penetration and wicking along the core. A waterproof thermoplastic elastomer outer jacket is then extruded over the inner jacket for dielectric protection and additional moisture resistance. A tinned copper braid is installed over the second jacket providing a continuous ground path. A flame retardant, UV stabilized polyolefin overjacket is then extruded over the braid.

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